How can I get my mother to see a doctor for serious medical and behavioral problems?

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My mother will not allow caregivers to clean her room, launder her clothes, or help her bathe. She has some form of dementia, but refuses to be evaluated. I am an only child with medical power of attorney.

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Why is she in asst living if she won't let anyone do anything for her? That's the whole purpose of living there is to be taken care of. What does the asst living place say? They must have seen this sort of thing before right?
She's in assisted living because I got her in there a few years ago when it became clear she could no longer live alone. The assisted living staff says they can't force her to do anything, but if she becomes a danger to herself or others (for example, hitting) they can have her committed to a psychiatric hospital for 3 days of evaluation. They say if I get Conservatorship, I can have her involuntarily hospitalized. Neither of these options sound very good.
You may have to make a very hard decision here. try to talk to her and understand her views and why she feels this way, but she may need far more intensive care now and that may be where you are going. I hope it won't be too painful for all concerned, definitely talk to the facility personnel and her doctor if she has had one previously and let them know what has happened.
Do they have any female doctors that go to the facility that she is at.? If so maybe one could stop in and see her , just start talking to her and you would be amazed at how that can make a difference. The way the doctor(s) talk to her will mean a lot, just talk to her like a person, not as someone who does not know anything. And when talking to you or whoever is there when her health is being discussed talk to her also - not like she is not there ......

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