My mother has been placed in a nursing home due to arterial dementia. The cost is $295 a day. Her funds are not going to last, what will happen to her?

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My Mom was diagnosed with cognative impairment dementia. I made a huge effort to try to keep my mom home or with me, to make this short best thing I realize now, is for her is a, nursing home. Power of attorney is needed so you can take control of her finances. You need to gather all details about her finances, such as assets, income, property, etc. Laws are different depending on residence. You should research laws for the state and county she last resided. A social worker should be at the nursing home to guide you.
Once you obtain information about assets, income and property, you will be applying for Medicaid. You may need to contact an eldercare attorney who specializes in Medicaid if assets are complicated. The social worker at the nursing home can also apply for Medicaid for the resident if there are no relatives or the relative does not want/cannot apply for Medicaid.
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Most important thing to remember, a child is not responsable for debts in this matter POA helps you arrange finaces to apply for assistance and sign on that persons behalf. I do believe depending on state law you may be personally responsable if you aquired gifts during a "look back" time period or if money or assets were given during the "look back" or if joint bank accounts were used and funds were not used for the benefit of the person needing assistance. Basically DO NOT SIGN anything that will make you responsable for payment, unless you are willing and able to do so. Signing as a POA or AGENT is how I was advised, never as the responsable party. A spouse I believe may be held leagally responsable for payment.
As an added note...whenever there is a situation with a mentally ill person, It is always stressful and depressing for those who love them. I found focusing on my Moms daily needs and making sure she lives her life as comfortably as possible to be very rewarding. I just do whatever it takes to make that happen.

The NH wants to get paid, so they should be able to help you apply/secure financial assistance to keep your Mom under their care and supervision. Otherwise you'll have to take her home once the money runs out.

The squeaky wheel gets the oil, so ask around and don't leave anything until the last minute. Good luck my friend, and keep us posted.

-- ED
Why is your Mom paying $295. a day for her current stay? Is she too young for Medicare? Does she have a secondary Ins? Can she be in doctor-ordered rehab now...(Medicare pays for so many days)? At least it would give you time to organize everything.
Find a good Medicaid advisor and get to work on all the forms, etc. as everyone said above. I understand it takes time to qualify. However, if she spends down all her funds, she should have no trouble qualifying.
Isn't it a shame that hard working parents have to give up all their assets in order to receive gov. assistance? Not to mention that all the family caregivers are working for free??? They paid into the system and now the system tells them to take a hike. But, this is a rant for another post :o)
Good luck...I hope everything works out well.
I also feel that it isn't right that they must use all their money before qualifying for any assistance. I also think that NH are too expensive!

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