My mother has sold her house and wants to give some the money to her sons. What happens if she needs a nursing home in the future?

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Right on, Jeannegibbs! Five years is the magic number as far as Medicaid is concerned. Seeing an estate attorney or elder law attorney is a good idea in this case.
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If she has enough other assets to pay for her own care, no problem. If she doesn't need financial assistance (such as Medicaid) for more than 5 years, no problem. But if she happens to need to apply for Medicaid in the next 5 years, giving away money now could be a problem.

How good is your crystal ball?

I suggest seeing an elder law attorney or an estate planner for advice on how to accomplish your mother's wishes with the least risk.
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klucky, I assume that KLK02062 is one of her sons. It helps when people fill out their profiles, doesn't it?
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Trying to view yor situation I see u view your brothers as your mothers sons,this is uncommon in my neck of the woods,nothing wrong with that but did ur mother say she would leave u anything too or has there been any falling out of relationships between ur brothers or mother ?
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