How do I help my mom who is overmedicating with pain medicine?


My 83 year old mother takes Vicadin and Methodone for pain, anywhere and at every twinge. Yesterday, she and I played cards, but it was obvious that she was stoned. I called her on it, but she denied it. She is in control of her meds and everytime this happens she acts like it hasn't. Not sure how to handle this. We live together. This is the first month and the over medicating has happened twice. She is coherent, alert, knows who the president is. She has no tolerance for pain. Thanks.

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My s/o has had a major stroke 5 years ago and I am trying to get myself disability pay due to my osteoporsis. It is hard to keep up money wise for us but I am doing the best I can until my disability is approved in March. Please pray for me that I win. I can so relate to the lady who wrote about her s/o named John. That is my partners name and I swear that was written by me because the situation fits mine to a T!!!! His name is even John!!!! Small world. I know I can make this work. John has overdosed on xanax several times so I hide all the meds and dispense them to him. Soo far so good! I wish you all luck and to find some happiness in this thankless world!!
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Hi ~
What type of pain is she experiencing?
Is she able to walk & do things on her own?
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