My father-in-law needs assistance during the day at home. Can the VA help with of this service?

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You'll have to check with the VA locally. In some areas, they provide in-home service (limited), while in others they don't. Most provide some help, however. While the VA is national, local issues enter in, as is the case with Medicare, Medicaid and other help.

Good luck. I'm sure they can help in some ways.
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The Aid & Attendance/Improved Pension program has been mentioned in several other questions about V.A. benefits in this website. It's an income qualified program that has been available to vets, spouses of vets and widows of vets since 1951. It is a daunting application process, and it would be helpful to have someone who is familiar with the paperwork to help such as an attorney or financial planner as the V.A. will reject the application for incomplete or inaccurate information and one cannot apply again for a year. But if accepted, you would receive a monthly pension of approx. $1100 to use as you wish, including hiring a private caregiver or paying for part of a monthly fee at an assisted living or nursing home.
I work for a personal assistance service in Austin,Texas who has a contract with the V.A. for a very little-known program called Homemaker/HomeHealthAid. The V.A. will pay for 2-3 hours of care for 1-7 days a week if ordered by a V.A. physician. The website description of the program is:
Only the veteran is eligible for this program and an application doesn't need to be filled out as does Aid & Attendance. The veteran must go to a local V.A. physician who will order the service if the veteran needs at least 3 ADLs (activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating , help toileting). I am familiar with this service only in the state of Texas so do not know its availability in other states.
Victoria B. R.N.
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