My mother suffers from Incontinence. Should she switch to diapers?

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it's hard to answer this question without knowing more details. Mom mom recently began wearing them because she's developed severe muscle spasms when she lays down and with each spasm she pees just a bit. The nursing home decided on the diapers to prevent skin problems. The adult diaper soaks up the liquid and prevents it from remaining on her skin and thus reduces the risk of sores or other irritation. As we age, the skin thins and becomes very suceptible (spellings???) to infection or injury - skin tears, bed sores, etc. If your mom will spend even 10 -15 minutes several times a day waiting for help to change into dry panties and clothes, then adult diapers might be the way to go. Reduce her risk of skin issues and the number of times you move her around. it's easier on both of you that way...
My mother suffers from incontenance and has for years. I had her start wearing the poise pads and they really did well. Then she needed more protection and we moved to depends (the underware kind). Now she wears a depend and a poise and that seems to be doing the trick. She is 96 years old and has had two bladder surgeries in her life to help with incontenance and obviously they didn't work. I love depends! they work great. Unfortunatly, I have my mothers bladder...I'm already using the poise pads myself.(the joys of having babies I guess). Good luck!

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