pandaexpress34 Asked July 2012

My mother fell last year and broke her hip. The surgeon recommended hip surgery but she is scared. What should we do?


my mother is 77 years old, fell last july in 2011 ,broke her hip ,reconstruction done for her she was depressed after that because she was independent having good legs, but not anymore.she was using cane after physical therapy ,and bone was healing, all of the sudden the hip damaged and needs replacement as the surgen recommends.she is diabetic but not over wieght, in good health,but she is scared to do the surgery .

what is your advice

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LME Sep 2012
My aunt, too, had her hip replaced in her 90's, after a fracture, If her hip is now damaged, and she is in pain, I'd say to do it, because, if nothing is done, she may lose the ability to walk altogether. Hopefully her rehab time will be minimal as she will not have many issues going into the surgery.
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jeannegibbs Jul 2012
I say go for it! My aunt had a hip replaced in her nineties and recovered just fine. She has also had both knees replaced and said the hip is easier to heal. This won't be easy or pleasant but when it is all over Mom will have at least some of her independence back.
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