My dad just had surgery and my mom totally shut down and does nothing to help. What can I do?

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I would encourage you to get home care from nurses in your area. They can provide skilled nursing, home care aide support for bathing etc and even some housekeeping. Is your Mom ill??? Does she not know what to do? My Mom is not a caregiver and any time my Dad has surgery I have to do the caregiving. Mom was NEVER good at that, even when I was a child. I do wish you well and would encourage you to contact your local public health nurse or area agency on aging for support and help... take care, Jaye
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Caregivers. You need a break. Your dad should be getting Home Health since he came out of the hospital, there are nurses to check on him, bath aides and physical therapy. The hospital also provides10 frozen meals. Meals on Wheels through your local senior center. Meals are $2.50 a meal. My county also provided a discount based on my parents income. I got 24 hours of caregiving through an agency at $ 4.50 an hour. The agency is national and is called HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE.
very good suggestions buszmum...
Thanks for your suggestions. On a funny note, it is warm in our area and we put an AC window unit in the rec. room for them. It's been in the shed all winter. Turned it on and out flew a mouse. Chased him for 20 minutes until we caught him. My husband and i needed oxygen!!!LOL. Mom and Dad just sat there and talked of mouse traps. Mom is not ill but has a queen like dispostion of late. She is not the mom I remember. I feel like I am on my 4th model. Dad is progressing nicely. Meals on Wheels coming out to visit and my sister and I will make a plan for that. Never thought it would be so hard and so ENDLESS! Many thanks to all.
keep your sence of humor it will help you!!! take care

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