I moved and had to take mom out of assisted living. She's insulin dependent and is having money issues. Will she lose VA & benefits if it takes me time to place her?

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I wouldn't think so, but you'll have to let the VA know about her move anyway, so you can find out then.
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If she goes to out of home placement, you will need to get Medicaid assistance. There is a $90 allowance monthl for personal expenses. Her care will be covered by Medicare, Medicaid,and VA with a $90 allowance for personal expense. So yes she loses VA when in out of home placement, but not until then. You should have regular reviews about her situation with VA - usually annually - at which time they will ask about changes. If you tell them at the time the change happens, they can make the adjustments. But I would not tell them until it is finalized where she is going and is actually there. You might end up paying back some $$. THey pay after the fact so if she moves in the middle of the month, she will not get benefits the first of the month following placement. So if possible putting her in out of home care on the first of the month works best with VA. I kinda rambled, but hopefully gave you information you need to make a decision.

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