My mom has to move out of my brothers house and she has no money. She lives on social security and has very little. What do I do?

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Call the Aging Services department in her state/county, explain the situation, and ask for help in locating resources.
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How old is your Mother? Where do you live? Does she have dementia or other mental illness? Do you want her to move in with you? Does she/ do you have a choice? Can she ho back to work part time: elders on SS are allowed to work certain hours. It would give her social outlet, use her time wisely during day, think of other people, maybe meet a rich husband. Otherwise, guess what the choices are.
Please fill in more info so we can help you.
Can your mother move in with someone else? Perhaps a family member or friend? What is her physical and mental state? Contact a social worker recommended by her county/Area Agency on Aging for a list of resources who can guide you. This is only a place to
She does not have dimentia. She has Heart Problems, COPD, and Diabetis so she is really not able to work. No one else has the room to take her in. She is not disabled enough to go to an elder care home. I will call the Area on Aging and see what help they can give me. Thank You for your help.
If she has heart problemsshe is classified as dissabled, just get the paperwork from her Dr.stating that and that she is diabetic, she should be elligable for Elder Care, the Dr. just has to state that in thet paperwork. Is there areason she can't stay with you or another family member?
Call the Area office on Aging at 800-510-2020, regardless of where you live it will direct you automatically to the office in your locality. Your mother is definitely considered "disabled" based on the health issues she has. Depending on where she lives she may be entitled to additional monies under SSI even if she is getting SS depending on just how much she gets from SS and any other funds she may have. Look into subsidized housing which is available in many areas, The government thru HUD has many housing programs and one may be of assistance to her.. Contrary to some beliefs the government is doing a fair job of assisting the seniors in this country. I know, I am 74, and have been able to access many programs. Just dig deep and don't give up.. Best of luck.
Agree with answers above - the offices of the Council on Aging should be able to help you. Also if mom or dad was a veteran, you can obtain assistance from the Veterans Aid & Assistance Program.
Wow Thank you Elaine. That is a new one. I will definitely do that. I think things are good right now. She is not going to move out of my Brothers house now. They have worked things out for the time being but I am definitely going to hold on to all of the info I have received from this forum and I really appreciate all the help I have received. Have a great day.
You will find that the requirements to qualify for Veterans aid are very simple. Just please go through the Veterans Administration - check your local office and they will assist you in filling out the forms. Many times you may read in the newspapers that there are "free seminars" to assist you with the veterans assistance program process. These seminars are usually presented by Assisted Living facilities but they do advertise in the local papers and are open to the public. Go to the seminar if you wish to become knowledgeable in the program but do NOT have them assist you. The people that are giving the seminars are investors (they don't work for the Veterans Program although they do try to portray that they do) and they want you to sit down with them - yes they will help you fill out the forms - but they really want to assist you in investing your money. The Veterans Administration will assist you with everything and for free. Contact your local county government office - many times they have someone in the Veterans dept. that will assist you. We did this with mom and they were so helpful and the process is pretty easy, although it does take time, but they will guide you every step of the way. No one should be charging you or talking about investing your money when you are filling out these forms. Good luck! Keep us posted please on how you are doing.
Thank You so much for the information and I will.

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