I drink beer or wine before my meal to get me to eat. What other options do I have if I am living in a sober environment?


I have had problems in the last 10 years or so, that food just does not have any taste, so I stop eating. I had been told years ago beer or wine before I start my meals would help, and does. But I am living in a sober living, so what is my next place to go? Also my appetite makes this a bigger problem, so I just don't eat. I stay well when I can stay at about 120-130 lbs. What can I do, my doctor has no good answer so I am here

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Try Tulsi tea - its also the same as a the herb called "holy basil" - works for seniors with no appetite. Got the tip from a nurse.

If you are in sober living, someone must be there who has info to help you with the nutritional aspect - maybe ensure protein shakes, or something that doesn't require effort.
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My advice would be to talk to your doctor if you haven't already, because there are a lot of reasons why you have this issue, it could even be because of a loss of smell rather than a loss of taste. Wierd, but true. That is what my dad has - it affected his taste, and his lack of smell led to a lack of a gas stove in his house, too - no fires needed!
I will tell you what his doctor told us to help with flavor. It didn't help my dad much as he didn't like any of the foods to begin with, but maybe you can benefit.
1. Try cooking wine recipes, like chicken marsala.
2. Use strong flavors like fresh rosemary and pungent cheeses like fresh parmesan in your foods. I tried fresh rosemary in my fetuccini alfredo and the flavor nearly bowled me and my family over. My dad ate it, but I am not sure if he tasted it, I know we did! Fresh rosemary is expensive, but I have found it is pretty easy to grow - I am horrible at growing stuff, but the rosemary bush I planted seems to thrive. Just a thought. Use other fresh herbs too.
3. Try adding lemons or lemon zest to your food, the flavor is strong.
4. Try using shallots and fresh garlic in your food. Shallots have a stronger flavor and odor than regular onions do. They taste kind of sweet to me.
5. Don't add extra sugar or salt just because you can't taste your food, you will wind up with more problems than just a lack of taste. My dad did this for awhile till we figured out what was going on with him. Not good for his blood pressure the doctor said.
6. Use low sodium or no salt chicken or beef stock in mashed potatoes instead of milk. Use it in soups and sauces too. It is suppose to add flavor - it does but tastes funny to me, but my dad doesn't mind.

Also, for some reason my dad loves Schwan's meat loaf patties. I hope it is because they are packed with flavor, but I suspect it is because my meatloaf tastes awful to anyone, even if they can't taste... hope this helps
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My dad complained about this also. at first I thought it was my cooking,but then I notice it was everyones cooking even his favorite foods.My grandmother also had this problem. I always just thought it was a part of aging,it could be the meds. You got to remember that food is fuel and you need your fuel regardless of lack of taste. My dad never lost the taste for icecream. Have you lost the taste for icecream also.
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Are you living in a drug-free residence and still continue to drink? If this is the case, you'll eventually be re-housed or evicted. If you're undergoing Hepatitis C treatment (interferon), that explains the lack of taste in your mouth. If not, perhaps your tongue is chafed from smoking, drinking heavily, and sleeping with your mouth open. In addition, ask your doctor about the side-effects of medications you might be taken. Maybe they're the actual cause of your lack of taste.

-- ED
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