My mom keeps getting hurt but she refuses to go to nursing home. What can we do?

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is alone during day. children all have to support falls out of chair.runs into table turns tv over and hurts hand. cant walk or go to bathroom or bathe or cook for herself.refuses to go to nursing home we can't afford someone to stay with her .and we all work I am a single mom and can't afford assisted living for one can stay with her she only has 1 bedroom and i'm afraid she will hurt herself very bad or worse

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Perhaps Adult Protective Services can help...Would she be willing to go to a nursing home if an 'ex[ert' told her it was unsafe for her to stay at home by herself. I know my mother would never voluntarily go to a nursing's going to be a bitter battle.
I doubt it, she is really stubborn and won't listen,says wer'e trying to get rid of her ,she even told her doctor no when he suggested phys therapy. we are desprate and afraid she will end up fatily hurt. But we have to work and support our own family to and unfortunatly most have very small incomes
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Adult Protective Services won't give her a choice if she is unsafe alone and you can't afford to have someone stay with her. If they are called, it's kind of 'out of your hands' and she can't blame you if she has to go to the nursing home. She doesn't need to know who called APS, just that someone 'concerned' about her called. If they do an evaluation, and find the same thing that you see, then they will remove her from the home to a safe environment. She won't like it; but she will be safe and you won't be as worried. I know about stubborness and the not listening. My mother (as my beloved grandpa used to say) is enough to 'make a preacher cuss!'. Think about discussing it with your family and see what they think. Good luck!
God Bless you. I am so thankful. I am just divorced after 17yrs. had to start over and with a child .and then lost my dad ,and now mom is unable to do anything .thank you.
I think APS is a route to go if she will not listen; her doctor could call as well if he knew how bad it was at home. So you could always "suggest" to her that you have "no idea" how they found out she was alone. Heck, the mailman makes calls like that all of the time. You can also contact your local Area on Aging and ask for assistance as well. For fast help and peace of mind I would call APS, let them take a look and give you advice on the situation. Call them, then sit back and wait. They will call you as the "daughter" when they arrive. Make sure your number is placed in the open as a contact in case of emergency so they know who to call. If there is an issue they will call you and you come in and be totally shocked and hurt and ride the roller coaster and play it up for your mother. PROTECT YOURSELF!!!!!!
Please keep us posted!!

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