My father is angry because of being placed in a rehab facility short term. He tells anyone who passes by "why don't you just kill me" or "If I had a knife I would gut myself." What do I do?


I don't know what to do. I've cried every night because he says that something is going in behind his back. Help

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Please understand that he's angry about his condition and this is why he is taking it out on you. This is not your fault.

His doctor should be contacted in case he needs some help with depression. However, you will likely find that he doesn't act this way around everyone. If you can learn to be calm and just tell him you understand that he's angry about his condition, but that this is the best that can be done, he may get better.

This is a type of detachment. You can't change the facts. If you don't react to his tantrums, he'll find he doesn't have an audience. He may even make friends if he allows himself to do so. But checking with the doctor about options should be a priority.
Take care of yourself,
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Thank you so much for responding and I can fully understand. I was going to see him everyday after work but I now go three times a week, it seems as though he is a little bit better. I have made an appointment for him with a geriatric doctor to address some of his medical and emotional issues. Thank you so much. I am so glad that I just happened on to your website.
Thank you
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I can understand his thinking, no one wants to go to a nursing home unless it was in their retirement plans. Many seniors think it's the last curtain call. My mom states fiercely " I am not going to a nursing home", but if it gets really bad it may come to never know. Poor daddy....can you reason with him can you explain it's only temporary?
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