kai Asked December 2011

What can I do if my mom is having a hard time taking her pills?

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AgingCareCM Dec 2011

Sorry to hear that your mom is having a hard time swallowing pills. Unfortunately this is a common issues in many elders. Below is an article that can you help you with ways to get your mom to take her medication.

Top 6 Medication Problems and How to Prevent Them

Best of Luck,
Karie H.
AgingCare.com Team
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mariesmom Dec 2011
What Ms Christina said. Also, ask re liquid form. And there are pill crushers and pill splitters, some meds that can be taken sublingually or via patch, and some meds can be 'flavored'.
Good luck to you.
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ChristinaW Dec 2011
Try giving them to her in a spoon of yogurt, pudding or applesauce. Some meds you can order to "sprinkle" on her food. Ask the pharmacist if her meds are some that you can get that way .Crush, them and put in previous foods mentioned.
Additionally, if she is at this point in dementia, ask the doctor if she needs to keep taking those specific pills. I took my Mother off of 6 pills last year that she did not NEED anymore.
Blessings, Dear One:)
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