Do you have to qualify mentally or physically to live in a nursing home?

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The first issue involves finances, unfortunately. However, the nursing home my father was in briefly was trying to move toward a model that involved people of all ages and needs. There are similar "health and rehab" centers throughout the country now. I hope you can call nursing homes and ask about what they can do to meet the needs of the person you are concerned about. Living alone or having certain health needs become an important issue. Try starting with your doctor. Don't be afraid of older "nursing homes" because many are trying to change.
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A person who is going to be admitted to a nursing home for long-term care MUST qualify medically, especially if Medicaid is going to be paying for part of it. Nursing homes are designed for persons who are no longer able to care for themselves at home. They are not the same as "assisted living" centers where people have some independence but can still provide self-care such as feeding and toileting.

There are various levels of long-term care available that can suit the needs of an elderly person. However, a "nursing home" is designed to be the final stop on the journey. This is different than a skilled nursing facilty, rehab center or assisted living.

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