My mom has recently developed a large painful lump on her buttock. Any ideas about what this could be and what caused it?


We still have home healthcare coming in due to some pressure sores that have pretty much cleared up. The nurse will be here on Monday, but I just thought I'd ask if anyone might know what this could be?

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Thanks Carol! Not an emergency at this point, but I'm concerned. The nurse will be here tomorrow.
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If you have Visiting Nursing Association, you can call 24-7 for advice or to ask for a nurse to come out. At least that's how it is here in Indiana, PA. Or you can call her Dr and usually there's a message on Dr's answering machines that let you know what to do in case of emergency. Of course, if it's unbearable for your mother or has any redness, it's a trip to the Emergency Room. As much as I hate to go to the ER, I have never regretting taking either of my parents after we get them home - even if we could have waited. It's a win-win situation ... either you catch something in time or you're given peace of mind so you can sleep that night knowing what's going on. Take care.
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