My husband recently got cellulitis of the foot. How can I care for it?

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I have tried Jan Werner, organization that cares for seniors while I need their help. I feel led to try that again. He is able to bathe.

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My dad suffers from cellulitis, it's a bacteria infection that damages the skin, my dad's cellulitis is caused from poor circulation to the legs, bacteria like his shins and with poor cirulation, he gets sores. He really needs to go to the doctor, get something for the infection. It is hard, I know, because my dad doesn't want to bathe, either. I have had so many people visit him and speak to him about the importance of hygiene. He will get cleaned up to go to the doctor, and he will get cleaned up to go to Walmart. Needless to say - he goes to Walmart alot!
I called my dad's insurance company for help - they have case managers. They assigned a case manager to my dad who helps with health issues. The case manager came out and spoke to my dad about the importance of staying clean and going to the doctor. The case manager showed my dad info on the progression of cellulitis, if left untreated. The info really helped. Maybe showing your husband info on the progression of cellulitis could help. Maybe having someone outside of the home speak to your husband could help, too.
This is very serious I would tell him that if he will not let you care for him he will need to be placed where he will get care otherwise someone will get APS involved and believe me you do not want that-for example if he fell and had to go to the ER a report would be made out against and they would not listen to you telling them he does not want to wash.

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