Why does my dad want to go to bed right after he wakes up?

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My dad who is 85 years old with alzheimer/dementia wants to go back to bed (to read his newspaper, but usually falls asleep) an hour after he was up and had his breakfast. It takes a lot to keep him up and sitting in a chair to read his newspaper until noon time. In the afternoon after lunch, he sleeps at least another 4 hours. At night he wants to stay in bed and read his newspaper, he does not fall asleep until about 10 in the evening. Is this wanting to lay down in bed all the time a normal thing (sometimes he is awake and reads, more often than not he sleeps)? Besides his dementia he is in pretty reasonable health (taking two medications only).

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He could be depressed, but it's possible that he feels safe knowing where he is and what he's supposed to do (go to bed, read the newspaper). I'd talk to the doctor about it, though, because he seems to sleep a lot, and there may be room for an adjustment in his medications. If his health is quite good other than dementia, this is a bit off unless he's in later stages. A call to the doctor seems to be in order.
Have you checked his meds? My wife has had prescribed 6 prozac a day because she was digging herself and creating large ares where she had sores. Her doctor referred her to a psychiatrist (fortunately we are on Kaiser). The shrink put her on Prozac and it has worked. Better to sleep a lot than to dig at her skin so much. She is down to about 10 or 20 per cent of what was the norm but it does cause her to sleep a huge amount. It sounds a lot like your dad's case.
When my father had bone cancer he slept more and more till he was sleeping around 22 hours a day. Sorry to say it sounds like he may be near the end of life, unless like (planeman) said, It could be meds.
My husband wants to sleep all the time. He has gone to bed at 9 at nite. slept all day an even all through the next nite. Gets up early on the next day but is ready to go back to bed by 8 the next nite. Is the a part of alz????
My 99 year old dad does the same thing, Some times I think he forgets that he just got up and ate breakfast, I have gotten to where I shut the bedroom door and then he knows he is to stay up, But he still sleeps in the chair. He really doesn't do anything but watch tv and sleep, He will not play card or do puzzles.
My husband who is only 43, does not want to get out of bed in the morning. Everyday he says either he didn't sleep or he has an ailment of some kind like a bellyache. He has a home office so he'll answer a few calls or emails and goes right back to sleep sometimes till 1:30 or 2. He does not drink coffee and insists that it's what everyone would do if they could, but it drives me nuts. Does anyone think he is normal or is he really depressed, I don't know what to do.

My Father is 85 yrs. old, he has had 2 strokes & a heart attack since I brought him home from his Rehabilitation Home he does nothing but sleep & eat. He won't do any of his exercises or try to help himself walk. He won't walk with his walker, only 3 steps to get from his electric wheelchair to the toilet. I don't know how to get through to him that he needs to keep his strength in what muscles he has left.
I'm open for any & all suggestions!

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