My 87 year old mom will only get out of the bed is she has to eat or go to the bathroom. The doctors say she is fine, but what should we do now about this issue?

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3 weeks ago she was driving, walking with a walker, and getting stronger with physical therapy. She had urinary tract infection and it is fine now via tests. She was to the the experts at Mayo last week. She has ulcers, and was given meds. Also, a little low hemoglobin. Now she won't sit up unless she is eating a little or going potty. Everything she does is labored. We help her up, into the wheelchair and back to bed. Ideas and help needed. Thank you.

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I'd have her checked by a different doctor. The new medication could be the issue, since this is a recent change in behavior. Also, ask if another check should be done to make sure the UTI hasn't returned. Sometimes a little bacteria remains and cause another one.
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