Why does my elder with a fall risk get up even when she's not hungry or needing to go to the bathroom?

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My elder gets up out of her bedroom from time to time. She doesn't have any dementia, but she ha a high fall risk. Even with her scooter or walker she worries me so much that she might fall and be disabled.

The last time she fell was a month ago, in her bathroom. She had a huge gash on her forehead as a result.

Why does she always do that from time to time, even when she is not hungry or not going to the bedroom? I'm going nuts over this and I don't know what to do. Help!

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It could be anything from boredom to just wanting to stretch her legs. It's unfortunate for you because of the worrying but you can't strap her down.

The best course of action is for you to do everything you can to get rid of clutter and make her apartment as fall-free as possible (does she live with you?)

In the bathroom, install non-skid mats and grab bars to the walls. You can also get a shower bench to make it easier for her to get in and out of the shower without falling.
I don't live in an apartment, but thank you for the advice? I guess it has something to do with her independence, am I right?
Is this happening only at night or is she bedridden during the daytime?
Oh, my Mom does this!! She is wheelchair bound now and she will try to get up! If we don't rush to her she will fall! It drives me bonkers!! She had always been so active in her life and has anxiety so I know she is restless and hates being confined but it is soooo annoying. She has some dementia but not sure how much. Her reasoning skills are horrible but that could just be her OCD. I wish I could help you but I don't know how to stop it either! With my Mom I am sure it is a control thing. She has so little control over her life now that she tries to grab it where she thinks she can. I have learned to give her a schedule that we make together - that says when we will be doing things (i.e starting dinner, bath, going to the store...not bathroom/potty -that is a as needed basis) and when she starts to get up (! - really she tries to stand up though she knows she will fall ) I ask her what she is doing and she usually refers to one of the things scheduled and I tell her to look on the paper and tell her it is not time yet but to let me know when it is. She can tell time still. She usually relaxes then. For about 5 minutes. *sigh
Glad I wasn't alone with this going on! I guess we both think that it has something to do with our elders' independence. As TomRovere said earlier, both could be bored or want to move around. We can't just strap her in their beds or wheelchairs. What matters now is trying to be patient with them. Right now, she's in her scooter outside and when I refer back to the site, I feel less insane.
My mil does this constantly and I'm not sure that she 'knows she will fall'. I actually think in her case that it's the opposite - her 'old' brain keeps telling her she's fine, why shouldn't she stand up and walk? Then down she goes. We have to tell her each and every time like it's the first time - 'mom, you HAVE to use your walker/wheelchair and you HAVE to ring your bell for help'. Does not good at all, unfortunately. Her own doctor says that she WILL fall, as she has in the past. It's only a matter of time...Liz.

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