My mom randomly faints and is out for hours but as soon as I am about to call 911 she awakens. Why is this?


The doctor has said it is her way of saying she does not want to talk with us or communicate. She no longer answers the phone. When your at her house she accuses her children of wanting nothing to do with her, though she pitches a fit if they try to take her anywhere.

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It's good that you involved the doctor in this. Since he doesn't see anything physically wrong, he may have put his finger on the cause. However, there may be something under all of this. You didn't say if she has dementia or depression, or if there are family issues that make this seem like her personality pointed in this direction all along. If this is unlike her - not wanting to communicate - she maybe could benefit from medical help and medications. If this is her way of manipulation, but she is fairly healthy, you may just have to play her game and detach emotionally from what she's doing. Don't take it personally - that's hard, I know. But detaching from games can save our sanity.
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They told us all along that it is dementia, until July when we took her to a team of gereatric doctors. They said it was moderate Alzheimers.. She was 88 in October. They thought it might be depression, so they put her on a mild antidepressent, and all she did was cry all the time. They took her off that, and in a few weeks want to try an antisicotic. The sad thing is that every once in awhile, reality hits and she will say, I don't know what is going on, why am I saying these things, etc. Every week she is worse, it seems to be going very quickly. Her personality has completely changed. She was always kind and loving, now she is mean and says things that would have never come out of her mouth. She believes everyone is talking about her, and knows the story, though she can not tell us what that story is.
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