What can I do if my mother ALWAYS exaggerates her stories and then argues with us?

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Oh I know that one too.....oh yes...! First is there any psych meds she is on...or maybe needs to get on? Does she have a psychaitrist? That would be my first suggestion...and if she already is...well then that's another story...then you just have to alert family, friends and neighbors to this...and this is what I went through..the CRYING WOLF story..they cry stuff that is not true and folks think its real when you know well it isn't just alert folks that she may be up to this. I had to deal with relatives thinking my mom's crapola about dying (that was 2 years ago) was not true they started to try to attack me....and then I had to shove it in their faces that it is all a farce..it's an attention getting scheme...just realize it as so...sad thing is..you never know if it is real.

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