What to do when you are trying to get mom in rehab to walk and she is fighting all the way?


Fell in Jan. Broke femur and shoulder. Went to rehab Feb. had sat back from Congested heart failure. Heart attack in April and catherlization. went in rehab agsin. Heart attack back to rehab and back in hospital with chest pain and congestive heart failure. Going today to rehab to see if she can start to walk. If she can I can bring her to my house with home care??? I am alone and no one to help me. I have less than 30 days for rehab before I have to look about the true picture of home or long term nuring home. Mom says she is not going to stay at a nursing home but I have no other options for help. Any suggestions ??? Please help because I am soooo tired.

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Where does Mom want to live? Why is she resisting attempting to walk? Being able to walk would give her more independence where ever she lives. How will you even be able to take her out for ice cream if she has no mobility at all?

Is she cognitively well enough to be reasoned with? Encouraging her to improve her mobility would be a great kindness to both of you.

Whether she is able to walk again or not, it sounds like she could only stay in her own home if she could afford 24/7 caregivers. She can't live in your home because of the toll it is taking on you. What are the options besides a nursing home?

Spend the next 30 days setting her up in a nursing home.

Good luck.
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Do hope things work out for you -195 Austin gave great advice. Take care.
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Unfortunatly many elders give up and just will not put the effort into getting better for many reasons my late mil was taking care of herself and had to be in the hospital and just enjoyed being care for and never walked again. If afer a few days in rehab she is not making progress thenit is time to place her she may not like but will adjust unless she has funds for 24/7 care at home -will she be able to stay in the ame facility if yes ask the social workers to start medicaide pending -do not let them tell you to do it they have resouraces to help them -if she has too much money she will be private pay in the beginning and then when she is at the limit of assests they allow she will go on medicaide-She does not have the choice of not going home -she did have the choice of at least trying to regain mobility which she blew off-she will probably try to make you feel bad about placement but you do not have a choice-it will only get worse as time goes on and right now you have taken all you can and it is not working for you-choose a NH close by so you can visit and make sure she is getting good care and maybe later on you can take her out for a few hours for a ride or ice cream-you will still be her main caregiver but you will not be byond exhausted as you are now. I spent thousands of hrs. in rehad NH with my husband and I never saw anyone not adjusting before long.
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