Why is my mom hungry every 2 hours?

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My mother is 94 and a good eater. She is not over-weight. I enjoy cooking and prepare healthy meals and snacks every day - no processed or junk foods. Lately, she is hungry every 2 hours or so and asks for more to eat. She is disabled and gets little physical activity. I'm perplexed as to why she is hungry so often.

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Maybe just bored and eating is something to do.
Yes, I think that may be something to consider. She watches tv, reads, talks to friends on the phone and doesn't seem unhappy - she communicates well. However, boredom may certainly be a contributory factor. Thanks for your feedback, Nance, appreciate it.
I eat when I'm bored, and have the fat to prove it. If your mom isn't fat, then maybe something else is going on. Could it be a medication causing the eating? At her age, I'd let her eat whatever the heck she wanted to anyhow. Hopefully my son will think the same when and if I get to 94 years old.
I agree - I give her whatever she wants, which is always reasonable. Thanks for your feedback - it's been reassuring.
I wish my Mom would eat every two hrs
As our Mom's (or Dad's) age we face the unknown. I never could imagine that I'd have to leave my growing company to become a full-time caregiver and witness/support my mother's aging process. At the rate she's going, she could make it to 100! However, that's a journey I'm not able to imagine. Good luck to us, as we will one day move to the other side of being a caregiver.
Confusion and forgetfulness about food are particularly troubling aspects at Alzheimer's disease.
A person can literally forget to be hungry, or she may forget eating lunch 10 minutes ago and may want to have the meal again. For this reason, I think, It's very important to set up a regular meal time and stick to it, and all must be calorically controlled. If she wants to eat right after a meal, put out a plate of small snacks such as cheese cubes or a sliced banana.
If she is hungry every few hours, it may be she is not getting the right nutrients - sometimes that is why people have cravings.

I have spent some time learning about nutrition and it is amazing how many empty calories there are - an example I heard about the other day was that people who eat instant oatmeal for it's healthy properties get hungry after a few hours because the instant isn't as nutritious as the cooked from scratch kind. Maybe you might consider asking her md for a nutritionist consult and taking in a food diary when you go. Especially if she has just started it may be that, it may be medication - anything is possible.

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