My granddad is currently in the hospital with arthritis and a social worker has suggested a rehabilitation clinic. What should I do, I am afraid that he will never come out?

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I am worried that the one they have suggested is a care home, i am scared that he will never come out!!!!. i understand why he needs help, but its christmas in a couple of weeks. please help xx

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Do you have medical Power of attorney? I have known ones in my community who needed rehabilitation and got services thru a nursing home setting. Stay was based on patients needs and then they came home. Be upfront and honest with social worker about your concerns. If you or someone in your family is POA then its at their choice if placement occurs. Social workers can only suggest if they feel long-term stay is needed. They can't force one to stay at a nursing home or mislead you thinking hes going for rehab only to be a lie .

Have you heard the dr mention this as well? Speak with the doctor(s) and find out if rehab is the best. Ask the doctors about home rehabilitation, your granddad might be a canidate for that.

Again, stress your questions with the staff and weigh your options.
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Just because your grandpa will be going to rehab for awhile doesn't mean you can't take him out for Christmas activities. It's not a prison.
Bringing someone home before they are physically ready is not good for the patient and not good for the family. What you are reading above is true: No one can make him stay. But, in this day and age, hospitals don't advise that patients go into rehab unless they believe it is in the patient's best interest, especially when it is a Medicaid payment they get in return. Tell the Social Worker your concern, and then see that sometimes what makes us happy (him home in time for your Christmas celebration) needs to be balanced with what is best for him. Good luck to you both!
It is a good idea that he goes there. The rehab can be great. And unless he has unlimited funds the most he will be allowed to stay will be 120 days. I hope that he gets better
Thankyou for your reply.
I have been to visit the rehabilitation centre and seems really nice. there is a g.p on duty, phisiotherapists. they stay for a maximum of 6 weeks, whilst he is in there the a package is being put into place for when he goes home. I am able to take him out for walks whenever he wants, take him out for tea etc.
This will benefit my garandad and hopfullly make him more independent.
Thankyou x
It is easier to choose a release date from a rehab than a hospital...just went through that with my Mom. The jerky doctor said he would not release her to her ALF because he was "concerned" about her safety. He insisted on her going to rehab (theirs, of course) - we chose another. I think he would have kept her in the hospital indefinitely until we agreed.
Mom spent 1 week in rehab, then was released. There are benefits to rehab that you do not get in a hospital. Their focus is getting the patients on their feet and strong enough to return home.
Ask around...not all rehabs are good...get a referral from someone you know or has that knowledge...the hospital will always want you to go to theirs.
I find social workers either very helpful or controlling and dicatatorial...hope you have a good one.
However, if you feel your granddad will be fine at home in his current condition, insist that he be released immediately and get in-home care, through Medicare, to come in to help him transition. He can have an aide for up to 3 times a week, a visiting nurse, OT (I would opt out...they are not that helpful), and PT (the PT will decide how long the in-home care will continue.)
If your granddad is severely ill, he may qualify for is not for end-of-life issues only.
good luck
PS: I would do ANYTHING to not have to admit a loved one to a hospital...the minute they arrive, you lose all rights and you cannot leave until the attending says so...or insurance will not pay for your stay.....I can hear it now: CHA-CHING
Don't worry about him not ever coming out - they're suggesting rehab because they feel it would benefit him now - they will do physical therapy and occupational therapy with him and then in a few weeks if he has progressed - which I am sure he will, (they work wonders) they won't even want him there any longer - he will no longer even be considered a candidate to stay. And like a few others mentioned, he is not in a prison while there. You can take him out for the day, shopping, for lunch, whatever and you'll definitely be able to take him home to celebrate Christmas Day with all of you. The rehab staff all understand the benefit of "family time" also. You may find he really likes it there also - he will have many people his age there and they can exchange stories on their illnesses (LOL) and hobbies. They also are free to visit each others rooms, go to the rec room and play cards or games. I've heard many people go into a rehab and actually wished they could stay longer because they made friends there. My mom was in rehab and LOVED being catered to - she thought she was on vacation - although she didn't like to exercise! So don't look at rehab as a bad thing. And remember if he is mentally competent, no staff or social worker can "make" him stay there. And whoever has POA, staff cannot make that person "make" him stay there either. My mom broke her hip and after the hospital went to rehab. Medicare and her supplemental insurance only paid for the first 30 days in rehab - and then her supplemental insurance paid a small portion of the next 70 days and she had to pay the rest. Staff felt she was better off there getting continuing rehab and so did I because since she lived alone she would only go home and stay in bed and that would not be good for her overall health. Here staff was making sure she was out of bed and out and about. She stayed in rehabfor 100 days and then she actually liked being waited on - meals made for her, no housekeeping and she was being catered to - so she actually wanted to go to an assisted living facility from there - which I was grateful for. Put me at ease knowing she wouldn't be alone at home and she was happy to be catered to. She was the one who suggested the idea and that made it easy for me (I'm an only child). If grandpa is a veteran he may be eligible for veterans aid (financial) under the veterans aid and assistance program. Although this will not pay for a rehab it will help assist with payment for a nursing home, assisted living or at home care. If he qualifies - being a veteran with times served during war - they will help pay for someone to come into the home to help him if he needs assistance with certain everyday things. Medicare would then be able to pay for a therapist to come into the home for a specified period of time, as determined by his physican. Good luck!
I am glad you feel comfortable with the place but it all depends on him, and what he wants. If his "head" is in a good place he will succeed , if not, he will decline. They do go to nursing homes usually after rehab so keep that in mind. You can get all of those services at home, which I did with my Mom. They told me she wouldnt walk again, and then she did as she was so happy to be home. She is the type who is a homebody thou, some arent, so I say do what he wants if thats possible. Good luck
take proper tratment but i sujest to observe fasting with green salad moog dall sweet fruits and some light excersies will help him.

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