My siblings coerced my mom into signing DPOA over to them so they can control the finances. What can we do?

Mother lived with us for 7 months and decide to move in with her daughter. They conned her into revolking our dpoa because theey want controll of her finances.Mother is not in her full mind and has memory problems and is in all very sick. We are very concerned. They coerced her into signing the paper. We want to know what we need to do

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Sounds like you need to see a lawyer who specializes in elder law.
As above. If someone is not competent, they cannot legally be doing anything with the POA (that's why you are supposed to do your POAs *before* you have a problem and need them!!) and it was not right for them to have done this. You may also want to contact your Adult Protective Services about the situation. .

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