What happens when the spouse runs out of money, can't make it on social security, and the other spouse is in a nursing home?

My parents have very little money. When one goes into a nursing home, which may or may not happen, if the other community spouse cannot make it (rent, food, utilities) on just social security, do they go on welfare? Story too long but my brother and sister will not help take care of my parents in any way. I asked them several times for help when I could not take it anymore and they said no. One is lazy and the other only wants their money, but there is no money left. I cannot take the parent that is left into my home because my house is not set up for that and it will ruin my marriage and my family and I KNOW my two siblings will turn their back. So I'm trying to plan for the inevitable.

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I believe you can apply for Medicaid
I'm currently in the same situation. I have two family members in a nursing home, who are getting to the end of their money. I was told to apply for Medicaid about a year before they run out. Good luck!
Do your research on facilities that take Medicaid patients... Not all do. That way, you will know your options ahead of time there, too.
By all means apply for Medicaid. If either was a Vet talk to the VA. They might be able to help. Good luck
I have no intelligent response, I am sorry to say, mom is 94 and lives with me, we have some hospice, but when the day comes when she is no longer with me I am not sure how I will be able to survive without her contribution to household expenses - everything I do I examine to decide whether I will be able to do without it in the future, cable tv, newspapers or magazines, much simpler food, etc.. Good luck to the both or all of us.

That should have been Home hospice, not Some hospice, that's what I get for not proof reading before submit.
Thank you all for checking in. It is not the money for the nursing home parent. I get that. Yes, he or she will go on Medicaid. But the other spouse, also called the community spouse, that is still living independently while his/her spouse in the nursing home. For that person still living independently, now has no money because the nursing took most AND SS doesn't cover they monthly living expenses. What does that spouse do if no one will take them in?
Medicaide will help pay for a nursing home when your parents have assets of $2000 or less. You will have to spend down all of their assets to qualify. If your dad is a veteran, your mom is eligable for a Widow's Pension if he passes away first. It takes 6-12 months to get it, but it pays up to $1500 a month for housebound care or nursing home costs.
There are ALF's that will admit them. You will have to do some research for your area.
My dad recently passed away so my mother's income was increased slightly with a widow's pension from the railroad. However, I made sure to get them both on Medicaid back in March. Through other programs through the Area Agency on Aging which your state may have, she is provided food every day and we get a caregiver for six hours a day allowing me to work. She will be going into a group home soon and medicaid will help pay for that. Look into group homes if she is still coherent and functioning. Otherwise a nursing home will be her only option. I have seven siblings...none help with my folks. I'm in debt $50k but my siblings don't care. Good luck!

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