My father is being kicked out of his nursing home. Who can I contact to help?

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My father was given notice today by the facility he's living in that they will be providing him with a letter tomorrow informing him he will no longer allowed to be a patient living there any longer after 10 days. They are blaming it on not being able to provide for his needs. In all actuality, it's because he's a difficult patient who has done a lot of complaining about the way he is cared for. Isn't there a law about retaliatory discharge from a nursing home? They don't like him because he complains about substandard care. It's not his fault that it's a poor facility that does indeed need changes. He is a private pay patient, not using Medicare or Medicaid. Who can I contact to help?

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Go online to and type in the Zip code of the nursing home. You should get a contact person there who can help you with this problem.
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I agree with Carol - contacting an ombudsman immediately would be the best route to go. In addition to that, if you are not getting the information you need to understand their reasons for discharge, I would suggest going straight to someone in their corporate offices. Often what happens at the facility level does not always reflect company policy so it's always good to make sure everyone is on the same page. Best of luck!
According to my father's case manager, a person cannot be forced out of a facility until another appropriate facility is arranged. This is a law for Georgia residents, so I don't know if it applies to your state. If you explore ways to solve the problem, like Carol has suggested, I hope you can find a place where your father is happier. Good Luck!
Thank you everyone. I did call the ombudsman program, adult protective services, and the department of aging and disabilities. Dad did get his letter today, but it was revised. They say they are giving him another chance to me a more cooperative resident. Talked to the facility social worker and now they are turning things around on me. He told Adult Protective Services that I am trying to extort money from my father and questioned my medical credentials. Now I'm the one under investigation. It's unreal.

Oh well, the most important thing is that he isn't currently being kicked out. I was panicking about what I was going to do with him over the holidays. He's too large of a man for me to take care of at home. Thank you all for your help.
In most states there is a Dept of Aging and Area Agency's on aging. I would encourage you to contact them both and get their input... take care
My dad was told today the nursing home is throwing him out because they found marijuna in his side table drawer. It was a minimal amount but none the less against the rules. My dad has no where to go as my mom lives in a trailer house and its not handicap accessible. He is unable to walk and has sores at this time on his but from sitting in his feces etc etc............. he is not eating to speak of and has no insurance and the govt is not recogonizing him as a US citizen even tho he has his naturalization papers. Hes been in this country since he was 3. My mom is at a loss at to what to do w/ him - they are divorced and its just a mess. What should she do?
there again contact the ombudsmen and also the Area Agency on Aging. I think this may be a tough one, to bad you are not in a state with legalized marijuna...
My dad is in the end stage of Leukemia and in nursing home. He is getting kicked out of nursing home because we refused to enter him into hospice. We were told that he can stay in nursing home only if he sign hospice contract.
Since my dad doesn't have any pain and is alert but needs transfusion every two weeks recently, we don't want to put him in hospice because he doesn't need pain management and also hospice rule of no blood transfusion will certainly speed up his death. I know soon or later he will die but it is difficult for us to see that he is forced to be in hospice or died soon. Any suggestions are appreciated.
redleader, your dad is unhappy with the care, he is able to pay for nursing home care out of pocket. What is preventing you from moving him to a better place? Is this the only nursing home in your area?
Just read the date on redleader's post 2011, the issue is probably settled by now. Never mind.

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