My grandmother and I are getting on each other's nerves and can't seem to get along right now. What should I do?

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My grandmother was recently hospitalized for emotional outbursts and agitation. She likes to read religious books and watch news, but these things (I believe) are what caused her to have the agitation, (combined with lack of sleep). I have tried to limit her from reading and try to limit bad news, but when I do, she gets upset with me. Am I being too nervous and controlling? Should I let her read or watch what she wants? I am just afraid she could have another outburst and I won't be able to calm her. I don't have anyone else to help me, and the stress of watching over her is causing me to have chest pressure. It's hard to talk to her normally now. Any advice is appreciated.

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She needs a good checkup, I would think. A doctor may be able to help you decide how to help her agitation. I don't think you should try to control her reading at all. TV news upsets nearly everyone, so it's a matter of can you eliminate it or not? Can you get some respite care from her religious organization or social services? It sounds like you are handling too much. Please go to your state website and look up the Family Caregiver Support Program in your state. They could advise you.
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I totally understand what you are going through. You seem to be doing the right things - you are not controlling - you are extremely caring. And it is so understandable to be nervous - I've been through similar situation with my MIL.

Her doctor prescribed anxiety medication and it did help. Having chest pressure, is not good. Both my husband and I developed high blood pressure during our caretaking. YOU NEED A BREAK!!!!! Any chance she could go to an adult day care program? My heart goes out to you - being the only one taking care of an elderly relative is extremely difficult - I know what it is like and it is sooooooo stressful.
I have my own anxiety and stress, so I don't want to cause more for her. I have a driving fear on top of everything, so day care is probably not an option. I wouldn't be able to take her there and pick her up. She used to be a volunteer at an adult day care when she was feeling good. I think a friend drove her then, since she never had a license. I don't work and I live with her. We have 2 friends but they are so busy in their own lives, we rarely see them. I am nervous about leaving her alone to go to a grocery store or to see a doctor for myself, but I will try to see a doctor tomorrow. She has been ok when I have grocery shopped before, but the worry has really gotten to me. I am also concerned that if a doctor gives me a prescription, will I be alert enough to focus on taking care of my grandma? Cost is also a concern.She has good insurance but I don't have anything. I am also trying for disability. It is a heavy load of stress but I am taking it day by day.

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