What effect do nightshades have on 89 year old male?

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Sorry, not sure what you mean by "nightshades".

Long time ago I heard that term used for certain vegetables.... are you referring to that?
I imagine the same effect they do on other people. Why do you ask?
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Atrope belladonna is a poisonous weed also called deadly nightshade. That would not be good to eat!

The "nightshade vegetable" group includes things like potatoes, eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes. Some people think these are harmful. Mainstream medicine and nutritionists say "nonsense." Take your pick.

If any of these vegetables (or any food, really) have a negative effect when you eat them, don't eat them.
I also saw that tobacco was in this group. That's not good for anyone.
Jessie, it is not good smoked or chewed. I wonder if it would be fine if you added the green leafs to a salad? (I'm not willing to find out!)
Nightshades are said to cause inflammation in the body, like being an allergen of sorts. Similar to all allergens, some people are more affected, others less so. There are plenty of things most people can eat that someone people can't, like nuts, dairy, or wheat. Is there any reason to think this 89 yo has food allergies?

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