How do you dress someone when they refuse to stand or help you stand them?


I care for my mother and she is now refusing to help stand so that I can pull her pants on. same when toileting her. I am usually alone and can use some ideas.

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Oops - how about If she is afraid of falling...
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Mother cannot stand for more than a few seconds. We do all her lower dressing while she is in bed and top when she moves to the wheelchair before going to her recliner.

If she is afraid of failling, try using a walker for her support herself on while standing.

It must be very difficult when someone doesn't want to dress and I wish I had a better answer for you. Good luck!
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Would life be easier for you if she wore loose fitting dresses/mumus/housecoats instead of pants?

She is going to have to get up to get off the toilet, right? What if you kept a crossword book or a joke book handy, and just ignore here while you do a puzzle, saying "let me know when you are ready to get up, Mom, and I'll help you" -- would she eventually want to get up or would she sit there all day?

I see she has dementia, and sometimes trying to figure out "why" is pretty tough. But do you have any idea of the reason for this change in behavior? Is she afraid of falling? Is she mad at you? Has she forgotten how to stand or what that means? Does she hate being dressed? If you knew what this was all about it MIGHT give you some clues about how to deal with it.

My heart goes out to you. Helping those with dementia can be a very frustrating and exhausting experience. Bless you.
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