How do I dress my bedridden elder?

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if you roll up the sweatshirt you can slip it over his or her head then gently pull it down. Good luck!
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Hi, my dad was bed bound and the hospice team suggested cutting the shirts up the back. It was easy to get on and off and it didn't bunch up in the back which could make a pressure point that could then lead to a bed sore. If it was cold we just covered him with blankets to keep his back warm. Hope this helps, looney
i use xxxlarge on my dad and it works like a charm .
when my mother was terminally ill I did cut all of her shirts night gowns up the back. I was fortunate and was able to sew up both sides and add a tie at the neck . She found this more comfortable than velcro. Also was a emotional boost to look and smell good every day. Today with all of the micro fleece I just purchased for a friend button up micro fleece shirts. She is able to wear comfortably
My mom is not bedridden but in the mornings she is not always cooperative to stand for me so I have become creative to get her dressed. I first remove the night clothes and diaper brief. Wash her up and make her clean and smell pretty. After sliding on the clean brief I place my arm through the pant leg of her slacks and grab her foot pulling it through. This is so much quicker and easier than trying to just slip them on the normal way. I get them up as far as I can and then sit her up to place the over sized sweat shirt or sweater over her head and arms after also washing her up and making her feel and smell pretty. At this point I try to get her to stand to transfer her to the wheelchair and this is the short few minutes I have to pull the remaining brief and pants all the way up over her bottom. Some days it works great and others we struggle. I have found that if I get stressed and frustrated with her or the situation it only worsens the struggle. Bless all the caregivers out there. And thanks for this site!
I found a Company that makes clothing for this situation Comfort Care Clothing Co.

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