Will Medicare cover the cost of evening care for my parents?

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My dad is ill, and mom is primary caregiver. I need some evening care for dad from about 10p,-8am so that mom can get some rest, as he's up all night.

Unfortunately, we don't have the finances to hire someone. Does medicare cover any of this type of care? I offered to come over one night a week, but mom wouldn't rest, because dad being old world, wouldn't let me take him to the bathroom, etc.

Mom and dad are both getting quited depressed due to their situation. And I'm afraid mom's health, mentally and physically, is declining at a very fast rate.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.!

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As far as I know, Medicare does not pay for any in-home care unless there is a hospital stay - then it is just for a few weeks. If you dad ever goes to the hospital or has a stay in rehab, his doctor can order in-home services.
Is you dad a veteran. They will pay for in-home care as well. I just learned that these funds can be discontinued at some point in the future so that there will be no problem with qualifying for Medicaid, if needed.
Can you access volunteer services in the community you live in? Churches, fraternal organizations, or even neighbors?
Try respite care. There are goverment programs for that
If the reason your mom has to be up with your dad at night is because she's afraid he'll need her help and she can't hear him, then why not just get a baby monitor? Put one where he's sleeping and the other next to her bed. I don't know, maybe that's too simple.....

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