Does medicaid pay caregivers?

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Yes, but the rate is extremely low. About $3-$4/hr. If the person in need lives at home is much lower. That's what you may get if that person lives in a Residential care homes or Nursing Homes.
i live in indiana how do i find out more information? My parent lives in their own home. Thanks for getting back so quickly
Thank you so much for your hug and comment.
Going back to your question, you are taking care of your parents who are on Medicaid? If you are and want to get paid, it will be quite a job for you. That's because you may need to get certified by the state like CNA so, you can get paid for your parents caregiving services. Also, I find someone else asking the same question " How can I get paid for taking care of your parents who are in Medicaid". You need to call or check the state Medicaid website and see the requirements. It is a lot of information's you need to gather from this website so, you call or look in Indiana's Medicaid programs for elderly care.
I knew nothing about Medicaid or Medicare prior to my Mom's dementia. My father (divorced from Mom and remarried for about 30 years) knew what I was facing and really didn't want to get involved, but simply got the number of the woman in charge of the Medicaid office for Mom's county and state. If you call and ask specific questions they will give you guidance and answers but Laws are very different from state to state. Medicare and Medicaid are different. There are many resourses to help if income is low and assets are considered depending on your particular situation. I do recommend keeping a log of expences and daily care. I would research online the county and state laws. Before handling any financial or health issues you should have a Power of Attorney.
my mother in law is coming home from the hospital,hospice says some one has to be at our home for her 24 hours,my husband thinks he has to quit his job to take care of her.we cant afford for him to quit,and he will not put her in a home

Here are some articles to read that will help you be able to make a better decision on weather or not your husband should quit his job to care for your mother-in-law. This is a tough economy right now and you are lucky to have a job. But if you can afford it... its a different options. Read these articles by our experts. I feel that they will give you more insight and look for another article on quitting you job to care in a few weeks :)

The Sandwich Generation: Caring for Kids and Your Parents
Page 4: When Caregiving Effects Your Ability to Work

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Both my parents have dementia. Should I quit my job to care for them?

Can my boss force me to choose between my job and caregiving?

Best of Luck :) Make sure you make your own decision and be confident in it.
~Karie H.
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my mom lives with me and I take care of her. She is 86 and has health problems and I do everything for her.Someone told me I can get paid for this. Is this true and how do I go about it? Thank-you Linda
how do I get help for a 70 years old mental disturbe with seizeire, I need a program to get her in .......
Viviannne gamache
I live in Jacksonville, Florida and keep my mother-in-law. I would like to know if I can get paid through her bluecross/blueshield/ medicaid/ or medicare. She has all three. What steps do I need to take to start the process.
i take care of my mother that has dementia and my sister that is a quad. they do not live with me, but i am at there house to get them up. get them dressed, make their breakfast, i make sure they take their meds. then i go back in the evening to make sure they eat and take their meds again, then i go back at night to put them in bed. i also go to the store, the pharmacy, and the doctors appt. can i get financal help?

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