Does Medicare cover the expense of someone coming once a day to my father's house to make sure he gets his medication and eats while I'm at work?

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Kathi: to my knowledge, they do not. However, in my state we have visiting nurses that can visit. Here, it is once a week.
Has he had a recent hospital stay? If so he can have someone come in everyday for apx. 3 wks, I think.
You could pay a caregiver to come by. In my area it is $19./hr. 2hr. min. We use a reputable company who hires their caregivers from the area. They also do personal care and light housekeeping. They canot dispense medicines, but can remind the patient. They are great.
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We use Elder Choice. A program set up to help keep seniors in their home instead of a nursing home. They send help in 7 days a week. They care for him, cook his breakfast or lunch, do housework, and give me time off. I am free to go shopping, out to lunch, etc. without worry. It has been a blessing to me and keeps me sane. The cost is covered by medicare and medicade. We also have a visiting nurse weekly, and therapy as needed, both physical and occupational. The occupational helps teach him how to do things differently so as to make it easier on him.

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