If my ex-husband lives with me as a caregiver, does he have to declare his SSA household income?

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Living in my house because of my dementia

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Declare it for what? Taxes, insurance? It depends but in most cases yes.
Why is your ex-husband living with you under any circumstance?
There is a legal Matters section here on AC and they should be able to answer your question or have your ex go to a elder lawyer or a tax accountant
I had to retire in 2001 and was declared disabiled by SS at 61 years old. My health is getting so I can't even get in the bathtub to shower without help. I don't drive much so I need someone take me where I need to go. I can't cut my grass or make repairs on the house. My X husband who is 80 has agreed to stay with me on a permanant basis. We were divorced 9 years ago it would cost me too much to hire a caregiver. If he lives with me as a caregiver will his SS count as household income.I am medicare advantage plan. My medications cost me too much if I didn't have it.
I have emphazima, diabetes. mental health problems, thyroid, high blood pressure, and sometimes have hypoglysemia can hardly walk spend a great deal of time in bed. Just wanted to add to the question above,
Sorry I take care of my father who went on disablity when he was 50. It has been 15 years and to late for the medicare advantage plans so I am not going to be that helpful. But I think since your husband is part of you household you will probably need to count it especially if he contributes anything toward upkeep, food, and other bills. But you find out for sure by contacting medicare there website is really friendly and they respond pretty well. Last time I requested info it took them under a day to respond. I wish you all the luck
His income is HIS ! He does not have to declare anything. He is living in a type of Room and Board housing. Although his income is probably very limited, when he files his income tax return, he can request credit hours and any out of pocket expenses for his "volunteer" caregiving services. He needs to keep track of these expenses for proof.
Sak9 is correct. Your ex-husband, a single filer, I presume, keeps his own S.S. money as his own. He merely resides at your home temporarily, I hope. No need to include any of his income as caregiving expense. His "work" as a caregiver has to be classified separately. See Pub 17 , IRS Code on "Credit for the Elderly".
My ex husband and I had a verbal agreement when our divorce was final 9 years ago. We are both seniors. We are co owners of the house, we own the house no payments. Since I had a big financial problem not being respinsible to handle money, compulsive shopper. He does not live with me I turnover 1/2 of my social security check to him each month for the utilities that are in his name he pays my untilities, taxes, ins, does minor repairs and all upkeep. I am disabled now and he has agreed to stay with me as my caretaker temporarily. He will not be making any contribution to the household. Will he be considered house hold income?

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