My mother was in the hospital with pneumonia. She was on a ventilator and is now off, why won’t’ the doctors let her leave?


had pneumonia and was on ventilator in ICU, now off but has a high level of carbondioxide

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See if the hospital can provide some physical therapy for her. Even the simplest exercises in her bed might help. Older people get incredibly weak in the hospital as mollymc has said. Or, maybe they will agree to discharge her if you can get her admitted to a rehab unit that provides PT/OT. After my mother is in the hospital for even just three days, her legs turn into spaghetti. But with some PT she makes very good progress.
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I'm sorry to hear about your mom. If you are wanting her home, hospice may be able to help her. They have a nurse who keeps close tabs on her health needs. Its hard to get stronger in a hospital with so many interruptions for sleep.
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My son was in the hospital at birth because he was born prematurely.
If it helps, an abbreviation for oxygen is O2. An abbreviation for carbon dioxide is CO2.
((((((HUGS)))))) to you and your family.

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