I am 30 and disabled. I'm looking for independent or assisted living in Antioch, CA. Do you have to be 65-years-old?

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Do you have to be 65? I'm 30 and disabled and looking for independent living or asissted living in my area. Antioch, CA have Medi, Medi ins.

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Check with Christian Church Homes of Northern California 510-632-6712. They have some properties in Antioch, CA and also check with Stoneman Manor II in Pittsburg,CA.
My friend lives in small apartment complex that is 65 and older, or disabled (which she is), and she is on Medicare/Medicaid. It's under HUD here in Oregon, so she pays only a percentage of her income. She also has a caregiver that the state pays for to come in whenever she needs, to do laundry, housecleaning etc. Most of the people in the building have paid caregivers. Plus her building serves lunch/dinner 2'xs a week furnished by Loaves & Fishes. HUD just went non-smoking, so a whole bunch of people are moving out. It took my friend 18 months on a waiting list to get into her building, not since the non-smoking law, the wait is probably 6 months. The fact that people will give up their homes for cigarettes is dumbfounding to me. Oh well....

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