Can I distribute my mother's medications to her when she is in assisted living?


I do not believe my mothers medications are being distributed correctly and the RN refuses to talk to me civilly, to say the least. My brother has POA and she will only deal with him. what are my rights? My mother is able to taje her own meds and knows what they are however she has macular degeneration. I have filled her containers at home for years. I am a CMA and CNA and certified in medication assistance too. The doctor circled PT on her admittance ordrs also and we asked over and over when they were going to get that going. I could have called myself but my brother with POA wont let me. I need some help.

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If this were a nursing home, I wouldn't be so surprised. But in assisted living, many facilities don't even distribute medications unless the family pays extra for that service. Obviously, this home provides this service. Your state laws may have something to do with this issue.
If they aren't distributing her medications correctly, your brother should work with the doctor to get the papers in order so you can be responsible for the medications.
I'm not sure what more you could do other than what you're doing, but keep pushing. Let the doctor know that you don't feel the medications are being properly administered. He or she should be able to intervene.
Good luck,
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Does your brother have MEDICAL POA? Is he healthcare proxy? If not, what does he has to say about this issue?
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