Why would someone recovering from breast cancer become quiet and disoriented?

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My mom is 89-years-old and recovering from breast cancer. She has been doing well, but the last two weeks she has been quiet and sometimes disoriented. Why is this happening?

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What has been different the past two weeks? What happened two weeks ago? Have meds changed? Has her location changed? Did she have a conversation with someone that changed her thinking? Have you asked her? You need more information to better explore. Good luck.
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Just in case you may want to double check that she hasn't gotten a urinary tract infection.
I would also be somewhat concerned that perhaps she has had a small stroke... but an infection can cause behavior change also... take care, J
Thanks for the advice. nothing has changed over the two weeks. I am taking her to the docotor on Tuesday. She just seems very "spacey". You talk to her and she seems to be in a different place. Just not like her.
I was also thinking urinary track infection too, as that is always the first sign, disorientation, even halluninations, for my mom anyway. Also her medication, what are they giving her for pain? anything? after breast surgery I cant imagine that they wouldnt be giving her something, sometimes pain meds have a weird way of affecting the elderly...........try to find out from her why she has become introverted and quiet, etc.......then I would do this anyway, get her an appointment with her primary doctor, and tell her or him, exactly what u asked here!! good luck and keep us posted!

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