What are the possible diseases or problems from not bathing or showering for years?

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my 88 year old grandma refuses to take a shower or bath and its been 10 years or more since she has showered. Also, she sleeps in her own urine at times. What can happen?

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I am going through the same situation with my farher-in-law. It is a three day nagging, battle to even get him to take a sponge bath and change his clothing.
I am not aware of any type of diseases, but a nurse did tell me, that the skin gets really dry and dirty and that in itself is bad to inhale on a daily basis. The ONLY thing that has worked so far, is a nurse's aid who came by a few times when he came home from the hospital. Now, I am waiting for hospice help.
I do believe the skin in the private areas can get infected and lead to a bacterial infection as well as sores.
Good luck.
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