What is the difference from Lewy Body Dementia and others or ALZ?

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They gave mom the same script. Keflex. But put her on 3 x day. All winter her scripts have been 2x day. Same dosage. Has taken 3 days. She is up more and getting around well, but tonight she said my husband said she was ugly as a mut. We were all sitting there. He is a quiet, sweet loving guy. This hurt him badly. I kept telling her he hadn't said a word.
How long does the meds take to kick in? I think she has a really bad one that keeps coming back. He only gave her 7 days meds.
Any ideas? She is fine with me, but she is still having audio hallucinations. It's starting to freak me out. ;o(
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How are things going golfbhard? Did they give you a different script for your mom?
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Thanks Kathy. Doc office called. Calling in a script, hope isnt the same one that no longer works.
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Gosh, if she's 93 and doing that well, terrific! I do read that UTIs can cause lots of problems, even including hallucinations. Hope you can find someone to be on your side at the hospital -contact a social worker, who could be a go-between.
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thank you. I have a call into the doctor and left the essays she needs stronger meds just so I can get her to doc. She is keeping me up at night and then she sleeps in the day (when doc office is (open) so I can't get her in.
We have 2 hospitals here. Her doc only can practice at one. The one that keeps minimizing her problems because she is old and hey, she has lived her life. And she is not a medicaid patient. Medicare and blue cross/blue shield.
If I don't get someone to do something I'm taking her to other hospital.
Her doc is a geriatric doctor, but also family practice and I think he does more kids then elderly so far.
T all of you others that are going through this my j
Heart goes out. It's awful to know they can be normal if they get the right treatment and it is so hard to get.
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golfbhard, UTIs can cause symptoms that look very much like dementia, e.g., hallucinations (hearing or seeing things/people others don't see or hear, and confusion. How frustrating that the doctor and hospital minimize the impact of a possible UTI and/or are so ignorant as to not recognize that a UTI may be causing some of the problems you have mentioned with your mother!! Good for you for trying to stay on top of this. I'm sorry you are not getting good support from those in the medical field.
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Thanks for the information. I guess mom doesn't have Lewy Body. She has no problem getting around. She can kick her leg up higher tha I can. I think she has become immune to her antibiotic and has yet another UTI. She knows everyone and always has. Has very bad hearing and
Maculargenernic (sp). Her problems she is Hearing people talk. All these people are dead. She is 93 eats well only prob is high blood readied controlled with meds weighs around 115-120. she is all over the place. This has happened sever times before and I had a standing perscription to cep???? I think it quit working.
I can't get a clean catch, have to take to hospital to get a sterile one. I'm afraid they will send me away, because they always do. Saying she is just old and she will just get chinks in her armor. This is so frustrating to me. I have to figure out something by morning. I'm afraid if it is a UTIit can get bad
The doctor and hospital don't make things easy on you.
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Maure, so sorry to hear what you are going through. My husband had a stroke in rehab. but no one seemed to think he had but the physical therapists, so it's possible your mom had one. On the other hand, my husband's Parkinson's symptoms make it very hard for him to move freely anyway, so who knows what might cause what. It's also hard to tell sometimes whether the meds are making things worse unless you take them off one. Linda GS, the neurologist prescribed Parkinson's meds to my husband and he became belligerent, verbally abusive and generally not himself. I really thought I'd have to send him away as it was so emotionally draining. So I took him off the Parkinson's meds and he was back to his old self (well, WITH Lewy Body). We do have to monitor the meds carefully!
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Lewy Body Disease discovered by Frederick Lewy in 1912
It is the decline in thinking, memory, language, similar to that of Alzheimer's
It is irregularities in the cells of the mid-brain region, where micrsocopic protein deposits deteriorates nerve cells, of some people
It is the Hallmark of Parkinsons Disease
2nd common type of Dementia
Causes motor problems like those of Parkinsons
This is a simple breakdown of what is LBD
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Mother lives in assisted living, had a ct scan this past Tues. and waiting on results.
She knows who I am, will start a sentence with a word, then drift off mumbling.
Then the other day I visited her by myself, she asked straight out "where's Paul?" (my husb) he was home doing paper work that day and that's what I told her. She seemed to understand.
Today her youngest grandaughter called her, knowing Grandma can't carry on a conversation, but told her who she was and talked in a slow(er) manner so Grandma could grasp the words being said. (That says a lot for my youngest, she's an angel to do this for her grandma, mom and herself). But never gave much of a response to anything she said. She continued the conversation like everything was ok she said. Because Grandma wouldn't want anyone to think
something was "really wrong with her".....Wisdom beyond her years this girl.
Husb and I went to see her later and I asked if anyone had called her...?
She said "no" and I asked "did Becky call You? did you talk to her today? and she responded with no's :( " . I can't bear to tell my daughter Grandma doesn't remember her calling, I'm afraid she won't continue to try and rally around with me.
Not having any brothers or sisters of my own, but a husb that went to see her today and said 4 words to her, I feel so alone with what's going on. And I don't know much.
I just about freaked out when I read someones post there are 40+ kinds of dementia....I have one question if anyone would share an approx answer with me.
We don't know if she's had a stroke, she favors her left side, now shuffles with assisstance to get from chair to table to bed to b.r.
Can understand when I ask a question, can't answer. Favors her lower left side by sight and touch, hid her security necklace and drank half a chocolate malt I took to her. How many years do I have with her?
Thanks for taking the time to read and share with me.
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