My mother lost her fight with cancer May 6th. Have my parents found each other once more in Heaven?

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After caring for my mom for over 2 1/2 years , she lost her fight with cancer on May 6th . I`m having some what of a problem with wanting to know that they found each other once more . Everyone keeps telling me they have but I really need to know for myself I guess . I know shes not in pain anymore and I know my Dad has to be in Heaven and I also know she has to be there as well . But have they found each other . I really need to know so I can rest easy that shes not scared and that they have found each other once again. She missed him so so much .

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My guess is that if that is the true desire of her heart, then God probably did let them reunite up there. I do know that if she is in heaven she is being taken good care of. And I also venture to guess that she doesn't want you to worry about her. :)
I believe the answer to this question is an unequivocal yes, since both your Mother and Father knew Jesus Christ as his or her personal Savior here on Earth then they will be reunited in heaven.

Let me say also that I am sorry for your loss..and I know your pain as my dear mother lost her 10 yr battle with Alzheimer's on May 7th, 2010.

I asked myself this same question, and after researching I found this explanation that truly helped me. I pray it helps you too.

The testimony of Paul, and of Jesus, our Lord is clear. We will be joyfully reunited with our loved ones in eternity if they died believing in the Gospel. We will be reunited with them in heaven at our death, or on the way to Heaven if we see the translation or rapture of the saints.

We will all be present at the resurrection of the dead where we receive a glorified physical body such as Jesus now has. With those bodies we will never grow tired or become ill. We will be enabled to enjoy the new heavens and the new earth the Bible tells us God will create.

Never let anyone else tell you otherwise as some will attempt to deprive you of this, our great hope. We can be certain of our destiny because it is based on the sure promises of our God Who cannot lie! As believers we live "in hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began!" (Titus 1:2)

God Bless!
Thank you for your kind words . My mother had Alzhemiers also , what an alfull illness that is . I do believe they are together once again . They both believed in God , and lived their lives with truth and kindness . Thank you again , I do feel alittle better knowing they are with each other once again.
I know my mom and dad are together,so I'm sure yours are too.
It has always been my belief that heaven is a place that is pure love and envelops you in its arms. I think that we will reunite with everyone whom we loved and adored. There are so many members of my family who were pure love here on Earth, that I cannot imagine that it would be different in the place we call heaven. Heaven is a pain and stress-free place will we will know everyone by their true essence. We won't have the barriers that keep us at odds with one another on Earth. There will be absolute forgiveness and peace. Perhaps the torments that old age brings just help us to let go of this life and prepare us for the sweetness of the afterlife. Anyway, that is what I believe. And even if you are more of a scientific "prove it to me" type, remember that energy cannot be created nor destroyed so that energy must "go" somewhere.
All I can say is, that in my heart of hearts, I know that there is something beyond this world because I often feel a divine presence in my daily life. I can't explain it, or defend it, it just IS.
I am so sorry for your loss. Your Mom is free of pain and happy now. I am certain of it.
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I am so sorry you lost your mothers, BLT and Madre. There are two people on this thread who have lost their mothers this month. I think about that sometimes....that all of us on this board will at some point lose the elder we are caring for, and that reminds me to cherish this time I am having with my father. Even with all the difficulties and struggles that caring for him entails, there are many moments of beauty and love. As caregivers, we have been given a gift of this final time with our elder as we care for him/her.

As for your question, BLT, about whether we believe your parents have re-united in Heaven, I answer along with the others here with a yes, an absolute yes. It's funny but since I lost my mother, whom I loved deeply , I have learned that the reason I am so sure now of life after death is that the love between my mother and me cannot be snuffed out. It's as if love is the link between this world and the next. How could it be any other way? How could love ever be extinguished? It is simply too strong of a power. The physical body can finally give out, but not the loving essence that is the person. So besides our faith in our Lord, we also have this "proof" of the strength of our love for our loved ones who have passed on.( us for them and them for us ) I also believe that God sometimes permits our loved ones in Heaven to send us a little "sign" just to say "hello, I'm OK and I'll see you again one day." It could be something in the world of nature that stands out as supernatural, or more than a simple coincidence and you know it. Or some other kind of sign....kind of like a little glimpse of Heaven. Take care.

So sorry for your loss. As long as Jesus Christ was Lord of their lives they are 100% absolutely together. They may not be "together" as the world sees a husband and wife but together none the less. I'm sure your Dad was there to comfort your Mom and help her through to the other side. They are rejoicing and praising the Lord together.
Take care
I've had signs from JEFF since he has been gone,I'm a believer.,but I still miss him and he knows it.
Thank you Anne (speaking of coincidences... my mother's name was/is Anna) and I also know that my mother is in heaven as well. But as prepared as I "thought" I was for her passing, I was still taken aback. And well let's just say that I am so thankful for the endless 'mini tapes' of my conversations with Mom that I can now listen to, and the short videos..and the thousands of pictures that I have too. Oh and all her recipes, and letters she wrote to me (remember when people actually did that? LOL)

But I also, I know the struggles and challenges you speak of, Mom was less than happy these last few months, but believe me, the decades of GOOD memories will outweigh anything odd or 'bad' that happened. Once when she was complaining... I told her to 'get it all out here on earth' so she won't have to worry about it in heaven and so she would have said all she needed to say to anyone here (me included). And quite honestly, she could have 'pee'd in my shoes and I wouldn't have said a word!

We had a wonderful relationship while she was here with me on earth, and I know that once "I" am in heaven with her that relationship will continue right where we left off (the good ole days of course!)

So cherish all the memories you can, make some new ones, and all that you do with them will be your lasting reminders of them here on earth!
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