How is dementia diagnosed?

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Is it a brain scan, or is it just assumed if an elderly person's personality has changed that it is Dementia? Some medications can cause personality changes, so do you think some elderly folks are diagnosed with Dementia and don't have it? I know my memory, etc. is not as good as when I was much younger, and I am not elderly yet, so what is the difference between normal aging and Dementia? Thanks for any info.

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You are right that some medications can cause dementia-like symptoms. So can an undiagnosed urinary tract infection. Early on-set dementia does happen, though it's not common.
A doctor would perform a number of test - written, verbal and medical - before diagnosing dementia. Sometimes they use a scan, as well. Alzheimer's and other types of dementia are not normal aging, so please see a doctor if you are worried. Take care,
a dr documented my parent is conpacitated but lives by herself and has great conversation skills. my sister did this in order to get her ss check and be her guardian, mom and sister barely speak and she hates where she lives-wants to come home out of state, siblings took advantage of a tragic situation
the above was a question
When mom was in the hospital the last time she fell they ordered all sorts of ct scans and tests. Then did some congnative exercises and memory tests. Along with the other symptoms of delusions that I described to the doctors they do a determination from that. My mom was in the 7th stage at that time. If they are in earlier stages they may be harder to diagnose.

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