Are there any devices to help an elder who has mobility problems into bed?

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Hi, My mom needs help with transfers. One person to help balance and guide, not a true lift. But the hardest transfer is definitely getting her into bed. You have to lift her legs and swing her up. I know all the body mechanics etc, but I was hoping someone had found or created some device that might make it easier. Any ideas?

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The only thing I'm aware of is the Hoyer lift that many nursing homes use. They are spendy, but helpful. Any ideas out there?
AbleData has a collection of general transfer aids and transfer lifts. You may also want to check with a DME company or your state's assistive technology project.
Yeah the hoyer is great but expensive. Back when I worked in home health I did use a "transfer board" not sure of offical name. I used with a woman ,it was simple you slide under their bum while in wheelchair and put bed as low as it would go then basically slide them(with guidance) accross the board to the bed. I don't know if that would work in your situation but would be more inexpensive than a Hoyer Lift and not take up hardly any room. Just put in corner till time for use.
Dear DebMcD,
If you think a Hoyer lift is expensive, try pricing a sit-to-stand lift. This device has a fork-like sling mount. The patient needs some upper body strength to keep their arms above the sling that goes under their arms and around their back. Put the patient's feet on the little platform and push a button. The fork rises and lifts the patient to a standing position. The operator can roll the patient to their commode, w/c or bed and push a button to lower the patient to the seated position. After bathrooming, the standing position is great for peri-care. You can sometimes find used ones at medical supply houses that sell retired hospital DME. When my MIL lost her ability to stand, the sit-to-stand gave her an extra year of in-home care that she could not have had without it. Good Luck. God Bless.
Before we finally had to use a rented Hoyer lift, my mom's hospice nurse taught me a technique where my mom "hugged" me around the neck and I put my hands a certain way under her in the area where the buttocks and upper legs meet to help her stand up. Of course, I used my legs not my back for strength. I am not for sure what the technique is called, but I used it to get her in and out of the car, chairs, the wheelchair, and into bed. It was very effective and used little effort on either of our parts. I am sorry I do not know the name of the technique, though may be a CNA or PT could probably know what it is and be able to demonstrate it for you. Good Luck.
One thing I forgot with the technique is that I put my legs on the outside of her legs at the knees to support her legs as she stood up.
I need a device to help me get in the bed.I don't know the name of the device but the one that I used while I was in nursing home rehab was a long cord like with an opening on each end and when I put my foot in it then I would pull my foot and leg upon the bed.Could you tell me if your company has this kind of device or where I could get one. Thank you very much for your help in this matter. Thanks,Patty Baumann
Probably get in trouble but it is hard to see people struggle or get hurt. Every situation is different. If a person cannot help themselves at all there a Hoyer can certainly help but sling handling and rolling on carpet is difficult. A transfer board can help movement from wheelchair to bed but tricky if people are not careful. Sit to stand lifts work if leg strength isn't there. If the person has some strength there are simple devices that will assist and take some of the strain off the caregiver. Check out AbleData for items like Superpoles, Friendly Beds, and bedrail items from many manufacturers.

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