Should I have my mom’s depression medication looked at if she is still saying she wants to die?

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What is she taking for her depression?

Have you called the doctor to let them know this medicine is not working?

Is she in danger of taking her own life or that of others? If so, call 911 and have her committed for evaluation.
Where I live it is not that easy the late husband was always threating sucide and when I called our hot line it was not in service and the next county would not help me and told me to call an ambulance and I asked my son and he said if they did not think he was in danger to himself or others and he did not want to go to the hospital in our state they could not take him and it would be a waste of time for them this is a small town and not a lot of emergancy services available and when he was in a hospital or rehab nursing home the docs did not believe me when I told them about it-he never did kill himself but I was always afraid he would.
My mother has been saying this for 20 years. Even when she lived alone in a nice condo she would call me long distance and say that. Then she would go out with friends and have a good time. He has been on antidepressants for about that long too. We urgered her to get on antidepressants as we thought she would stop that behavior. She has 3 loving children, but being a widow, she became very needy emotionally. It's quite possible she did it, and does it now, for attention but we don't now. She is quite alive and happy around friends but when sister or I come to visit she always tells us she wants to die. Even when we took her in to live with us, as she wanted, she still would say that or call the other members of the family and say it. No amount of councelling or encouragement has helped. At 89 and in a nursing home , I can believe she wants to, but she also wants our constant reminder that we love her.
Her psyciatrist assistant has changed her meds, but last time she called me I told her to try to stop find a happy pill for mom. These is no such thing.

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