Where can I find dental care for the elderly under Medicare?

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Sadly, many dentists won't even take Medicare, so it's very difficult. Also, many aren't used to caring for elderly and/or disabled people. I depended on word of mouth. You may want to call a local nursing home or in-home service to see if they have suggestions for dentists in your area.
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Mom has had so many dental issues this year. I looked into dental insurance and it would cost more than just paying out of pocket (also, they only pay a small portion of most procedures.) Everytime I go to a new dentist, I ask for a "senior discount" most have been accomodating. But it is still really expensive. Root canals cost $800.!!!
Now we are in "partials" and "denture" mode...can't wait to see how much that will cost!
I ask my dentist for referrals for doctors that are most likely to be gentle with senior patients. (so many are atrocious when it comes to "chairside manner.")
Carol had a great suggestion about calling nursing homes...I am going to do that today.

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