Can someone with Dementia have only 1 symptom of hallucinations?

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My 86 grandmother has been diagnosed with dementia. That is her only symptom. She is very sharp otherwise. I am concerned that something else may be the problem and that she needs to see a neurologist.

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Yes, she should see a behavioral neurologist. If she has dementia, that specialist may be able to pinpoint the kind of dementia more specifically. If something else is causing the hallucinations that specialist should be able to diagnose it or send you to the kind of specialist who can.

Getting a correct diagnosis is important to establishing a helpful treatment plan.
By the way, has she been tested for a UTI?
Yes she does having problems with having UTI's, but they treat them. The hallucinations still happen. She says this man is going to kill her and then kill her children. She is scared to death.

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