What you do when a dementia person gets out of hand?

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my husband has been up half the night screaming keep saying hes going to die.should i call his doctor? because i am afraid he might hurt his self

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It sure sounds like a call is in order. I am afraid I don't know what "demitra" is but he sounds so upset, and of course so are you. I'd get help. If you are in a timezone where the doc isnt yet open, maybe see if your husband would like to go to the ER, if waiting hours seems unfathomable. Good luck to you!
Most clinics and insurance companies have a 24 hour nurse hotline. I'd start by calling that and describing the situation. They can advise either on things to try at home, or whether to go to an ER or wait and see the doctor tomorrow, etc.

I've used this service for many years and find it very helpful.

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