johnnieb Asked November 2012

My father is stubborn, can someone tell me how to handle this?


Hello i am a only child caring for my father who is 75 and has had 3 organ transplants ,bypasses,bi-lateral femoral bypasses, a multitude of little issues with the most recent a diverticculum in the upper intestinal tract which of course is very rare it usually happens in the lower G.I....After being starflighted to Erie county Medical Center and after days of tests they finally identified the problem as that, he has had 32 blood transfusions and that led to a iron deficient anemia which caused a million issues the most serious damaging his 2nd kidney transplant and heart soo all said and done 28 days in hospital mind you! he is home again in my care and a solid schedule of VNA nurses .
NOW,, he is having serious issues with his legs and feet from nurothapy and venus articulation( poor blood flow) and has a real hard time walking with a walker and one night at 4am (im sleeping upstairs with 1 eye open constantly) i felt the house shake once again and yes he did fall again this time he decided to go to the kitchen and weigh himselp to see if he needed a water pill and he fell backwards off the scale and crashed his back into the kitchen cabinets and it is day 3 and he is in dire pain from the fall and i can see on his bach where he hit the lazy susan handle all black and purple surrounding his lower shoulderblade area we are having a hard time getting him to the hospital and he knows he needs x-rays but just says wait a day....i have been caring for him for 15 years now and he usually knows whats right for himself but now im concerned now more than i usually am. can someone tell me how to handel this?? i am trying to bite my tongue and not piss him off it is so hard to do this and it is killing me to see him suffer like this we think he may have cracked or broken ribs and serious back/spine issues. i have him in the hospital bed and keeping him comfortable so far..... he is getting his 18 pills for renal 3x a day and his pain pills. i have a heating padon the affected area as well ......any advise? my health has taken a plunge through all the years of this but love comes first. he is my friend,mentor and father ya know?

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mama12 Nov 2012
You might try calling his Dr. and ask them to call him and say they want him to come in for a check up. I had to do that with my husband and it worked
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tlhanger Nov 2012
No, you are not the bad guy. My mom is 92 and stubborn like that too. If you find out how to handle that, please let me know.
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jeannegibbs Nov 2012
What do the VNA nurses say about the injuries from the latest fall? If he needs to have xrays or treatment, could they be the ones to insist, so you are not in the bad-guy role?
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